International Sushi Festival - 80.000 visitors per year

Antwerp - Osnabruck - Amsterdam - Rotterdam - Paris - Dusseldorf

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Clever sushi-concepts like the "Sushi & Ramen Beach Brunch", "Sushi & Champagne Beach Brunch" and the "Sushi Cruise" are being rolled out right now! See for dates and info:

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Red carpet events en product presentations

The ideal agency to work with when it comes to red carpet events and showing your product to a target group


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What do we do? Here is an overview

Production: Festivals and fairs

The Dance Office has proven its worth by leading the production of more than 30 festivals and fairs in the last 3 years (2017-2019) internationally. Think of the total package, from making the floorplan and setting up decoration to the after movie!

Production: Dance/ club events

While there is no other fast growing music genre than dance, The Dance Office organizes quality dance events on regular base. DJ's from all over the world, unique entertainment, respected partners and the best selected music are our keywords.

Consultancy/ Programming

Need concepts or promotors and partner to boost your bar, lounge or venue? Then with The Dance Office you are at the right address. Contact us at omer-at-thedanceoffice-dot-com.

PR and social media

With the right set of experience and passion The Dance Office can take care of your total marketing and PR. Think of SEO, social media, mailings and other marketing channels.

Video/ after-movie section

Some after movies and visuals displaying our work (only one now, rest in progress)

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